Starring: Leilani Waters as ‘The Writer’

Welcome to the website of Leilani Waters.

I am an enthusiastic, engaging and excitable writer, journalist and teacher from Townsville, Queensland.

On this site you will find previous publications of mine and other projects that I am involved in.

My passions include agriculture in North Queensland, hidden spaces within cities, adventures, reading, writing scripts for short films and always discovering new things.

I hope you find something that interests you on this blog.

Happy reading.

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.

So, here we go…

Who am I?

I am a 20-something teacher with a true passion for writing, creating, and adventuring!
I used to work as a journalist and love the thrill of meeting new people, sharing stories, and learning the facts to captivate and inform my audience.

To this day I still have a passion for uncovering and researching the unknown, meeting new people and writing articles. 

In 2015, I studied my Graduate Diploma of Education and now teach high school students.

My subject areas are actually English and Film, Television and New Media, but I have taught English, English Communication, Humanities (SOSE), Drama, Visual Art and Film, Television and New Media during my Education career.

In my spare time I write short scripts, draw, paint, plan scavenger hunts across my home city of Townsville, read, cook, try to teach myself Spanish, and put in extra effort to make my class lessons engaging and plan for student success. (I know the last two typicallyI count as ‘work’ but I do enjoy it.)

My future plans consist of travelling, writing, creating, teaching and becoming my best possible self.

I hope to entertain and inspire others in a way that motivates them to become their best selves.


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