Why, hello family! It is that beautiful point of the year again where mothers, fathers, guardians and carers again open their arms wide and welcome their own children into their homes for two uninterrupted weeks of school holidays.

Despite students believing my joking claim that I live at the school, I have left the warm winter of Townsville (hitting a top of 24Degrees today) for the chilly morning and existence of the Blue Mountains of New South Wales (hitting a top of 9degrees today).

In taking this break from my marking and planning it is so nice to forget about the never ending to-do list of everyday life. A holiday at home can’t possibly be a real holiday, can it? 

As a second-year teacher it is impossible for me to sleep comfortably through the night without dreaming about assignments and exams that need to be marked, but when I step out of my study, out of my apartment, out of my town, out of my state… I don’t feel quite so out of my mind.

Taking a break is so important, for everyone’s wellbeing. So here I am! Stretching out under my thick doona listening to the young family in the motel room next door getting ready for a hiking trip (complete with the squeaky voice of a little girl who isn’t used to the temperature.)

Me too, girl. Me too.

Sending cool 😎 thoughts… and hoping for warm wishes in return.

– Leilani


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