Something that always confuses me is when people go some place fancy (or foreign) and then refuse to try any of the special cuisine on offer.

Here in Bali the meals range from exotic flavours to the thrill of spice! The desserts are peculiar and special, and the mi goreng is a staple on any menu.

Where, oh where is the fun in ordering the fish and chips or meat lovers pizza? Why do I see people asking for well-done steak or spaghetti bolognese? You have travelled half way around the world to walk into the nearest McDonalds?! No way, that is not how you spend your adventures.

From octopus balls (Japan), Black Squid Ink Aioli (Bali) and kangaroo sausages (Australia)… I certainly don’t shy away from a peculiar dish.

For a while I have been building my tolerance to spice and playing with herbs and reading stupid foodie magazines to actually learn something about flavours and how they complement each other.

It’s an intense world filled with intense flavours, and it’s a damn shame to miss even a mouthful of it!

So bite the bullet (or the frog legs) and try something new!

Bon appetít and Bon voyage!


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