C U in the N T

Darwin, you did it babe!
My weekend has been full of buzzing bars, magical markets, wonderous water holes and particularly perfect people.

Night one saw us dancing up a total storm (which is a fitting metaphor due to this being the end of Darwin’s wet season.)

The next morning was some delicious Laksa (which is another experience entirely and seems to be the fuel for most Darwinians) and a casual stroll through a Saturday market place. 

The line for Laksa was intense to say the least.

This was followed by a visit to the Museum and Art Gallery that had some insanely beautiful pieces from around Australia and the globe and heart breaking memories of Cyclone Tracey, 1974.

The day ended perfectly with a delicious dinner at Chow! and some drinks at The Trader Bar.

Sunday was a road trip out to the Spectacular Jumping Crocodiles of the Adelaide River. It inspired me to write one of those ridiculous rhyming children’s books that I tend to do and I also cooed at how cute little crocodile’s arms are when they leap out of the water. 

(Trust me though, I know the danger of getting too close too!)

A Sunday Sesh and Lola’s followed and some yummy Indian cuisine. 

Final day report: my hair has gone stringy from the fresh water of Litchfield National Park creeks and I’m beginning to think I’m going to miss the sweltering humidity of Darwin. Sigh. We can’t have everything we want, right?

I suppose Bali will have to tide me over until I can hail my next Air North plane and travel to the ‘Top End’.

Bye Darwin. 👋🏼 


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