Are We There Yet?

There is nothing quite so disorienting as waking up on a flight and wondering whether you can close your eyes for another three hours or just perk up and do some carpe diem ‘seizing the day’ type preparation.
For those who might not know what I’m on about, check out my post on plane preparedness
I imagine myself desperately waking and crying out for some coffee only to realise I’ve just dozed off for a nine minute power nap. 
It’s a process that involves me drowsily checking my phone and the painstakingly trying to remember what time I took off and how long the flight was meant to take, I typically give up on the math strain and scroll back through my photos to find the screenshot of my booking that will give me my ETA (estimated time of arrival).
This usually involves me dropping back into the beautiful world of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) before touching down and trying to discreetly wipe the drool from my chin. 
Are the other passengers judging me? Well, what do I care? I’m the one who is going to feel better come the waiting time around the luggage carousel.
To sleep or not to sleep… that is not really the question. Always sleep. Every chance you get. Sleep is damn good. DAMN GOOD!!
I have evidently exhausted myself from writing this and will surely wake up to brand new adventures to enjoy and write about.
Well… I can dream can’t I? 


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