Here I Go Again On My Own.

Well, not quite on my own.
Sitting on a place from Townsville to Darwin, yes I am on my own.
Darwin holds many promising things including delicious food, beautiful scenery, quirky and creative markets and great company!
Dear journalist friend from way back when has been living (it up!) in Darwin for the past three years doing all that fun newspaper stuff that I didn’t quite follow through with.
(If you want to know what that’s something you’ll either have to ask me in person or wait until I’m bored enough to write a blog post detailing the life decision.)
Her Instagram is incredible, her Facebook feed is full of fun, and her Twitter account is actually active. (Although mine technically is my lack of tweeting makes it a bit of a bore.)
Yeah, Judo* the Journalist sure does seem to be living the dream. Or as we joke #darwinningatlife.
*name changed to protect the dear girl’s identity.
And now, as I begin my next travel adventure for 2017, Darwin is the first stop on my Easter Holiday Vacation! Ew… Easter Holiday Vacation sounds pretty lame. I’ll have to come up with a better name… soon.
Come on, Darwin. Time to give it your best shot.
Go ahead! Make my [holi]day.


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