Plane Preparedness.

I know I’m not crazy.

No matter how many times people might make harmless remarks or say it with their eyes, I am totally sane.
Which is why I have decided to write this blog post on a list of ‘must haves’ in your carry on bag when boarding a plane.
Now, some items are certainly not permitted on aircrafts. So we must respect those rules. But here is a top ten list of things you should zip in before zipping off!
 0. Lip balm: You just try sitting in that recycled air after sipping a cup of coffee when your lips begin to dry out. The second you crack a smile at the friendly air hostess your lips are going to crack too. It’s just a fact, the air is drier so you get drier. Keep them lips well cared for so you don’t have to pay for it later on!

 0. Eye drops: Same rule with your lips. If you’re a weirdo who sometimes sleeps with their eyes a little bit open (like me, ah!) then make sure you have some eye drops to keep you from feeling like your eyes are going to roll out of your skull to avoid the stiff sandpaper texture.

 0. Moisturiser: Skin, glorious skin. It is the air up here, I swear! If your face gets dry or you want to give your arms and legs a little reinvigorating rub moisturiser sure as heck don’t hurt. In fact it helps, moisturising keeps your skin soft, supple and feeling like it won’t be tearing apart every time you stretch.

 0. Tissues: Yeah, yeah, I can hear you. “…but, Leilani, they have tissues in the cute little bathrooms on planes.” You are correct, but you don’t want to shuffle all the way up to that little cubby past rows 1-16 just to blow your nose, right? And how many times will you have to squeeze on past the lady sitting in the aisle seat? Having tissues right there is great for a runny nose or an accidental spill. 

 0. Pen and paper: If you’re a hyperactive nut like me it is important to have something to keep you busy when the flight gets a bit too tedious. You can draw, write, plan for the next meeting, or even play noughts and crosses with your neighbour. 

 0. Sunglasses: Excluding that moment where you may potentially step out of the aircraft into the blinding sunlight, sunglasses are actually a total saviour for a sneaky nap. If you find that you’re fighting that adenosine build-up and your eyes just won’t stay open, then sunglasses are kind of like a life-saver to drift off without making it super obvious you’ve timed out for a moment. Except the gaping mouth, rest your head against the plane window and make everyone think you’re some tortured poet trying to figure out the magic of the stretching landscape beneath you.

 0. Cash: Cha-Ching! You don’t want to be a hungry schlump drooling over the food cart. Sure, it’s expensive as hell, but if you’ve got the cash make a splash and get the vegetarian lasagne (I would definitely recommend).

 0. Chewing gum/ toothbrush/ floss: Smack your hand against your forehead if you want, I know chewing gum is obvious. But the other items are also great helpers to deal with morning breath after a 6 hour flight, or to dislodge some food you bought after my previous recommendation. You don’t want to frustrate yourself by trying to dig out some fragment of food from your teeth with your tongue for half the flight. Just bite the bullet and plan ahead of dental care.

 0. Hair ties: Ohhh Lordy. Yes. Most of us have that Ye olde faithful around our wrists at all times but never be afraid of having backup. It can save a hair catastrophe or even be a nice gesture to someone else you can see trying to tame their mane.

 0. Boarding pass: Ha. Ha. Ha. Yeah. Obviously you won’t get very far without this top ticket item (pun intended, of course.) but if you’re packing your purse before you call the uber better make sure you’ve got your flight details on hand and some photo idea to ensure you get to your final destination hassle free.
There you have it team! My top ten list for a great flying experience. I’d love to hear more suggestions, I’m always looking to improve my survival kit! 
Safe flying, friends!


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