Levelling Up!!

2017, you sly dog.
Term 1 has come to a successful end with no NR’s, a happy classroom, and a surprisingly relaxed Miss Waters.

Sure, my ‘to do’ list has already begun to grow, but in a way that is one of the things I love about my job.

Throughout this term things that have made me smile include my excitable Year 7’s, my energetic year 8’s, my respectful year 9’s and my hardworking year 11’s.

We had a fantastic two days of professional development on the first Monday and Tuesday of the holidays where we learnt a lot about the brain and the new ‘Art and Science of Teaching’ . 

Something that really struck me was the thought of children being ‘hyper’ (super energetic) and ‘hypo’ (a bit unenthused) and how teachers in turn need to become the opposite to either calm students down into routines or get them ready and excited to learn! 

I realised that, in my own teaching, I am mostly ‘hyper’… if not always hyper. This could explain the students in my class who although do the work seem just too riled up to follow all of the routines.

It can be exhausting keeping students in at lunch and following up with consequences because they’re just too ‘hyper’… it is a really tough decision for me.

Although it is easy when all students are somewhat subdued and compliant with routines, it makes me frustrated because I want students to get excited and throw up their arms in a cheer. 

“Yay! English!”
… Ok, fine. I may be a little bit idealistic, but I believe that it is this vision of students loving classes that drives me to become a better teacher.

Of course, learning and curriculum is priority. Students need to be actually understanding content and practicing skills. However, this doesn’t mean that students can’t be having fun in class! 
My resolve to become a better teacher is very general, there are a lot of things that make a teacher ‘good’… or dare I dream… ‘great’.

Step by step I think I am making my way to that goal.

Term 1 is a brick in the long path to finding success for my students and myself.

Now, where are my ruby red slippers? I’ve got some skipping (and planning) to do!


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