A Resource-full Teacher

It is no strange thing for me to stand up on a soap box and cheer and jeer over the trials, tribulations, joys and adventures of teaching.

Something that has given me some pleasure over this first term of 2017 is the crafting of my learning walls.

Now, although I pride myself on my enthusiasm and energy in the classroom, I am willing to admit that my students are not always 100% focussed on every word I am saying.

THAT, my dear readers, is exactly why learning walls are so important!

When these young, impressionable (and unfortunately sometimes disengaged) minds cast their eyes around the room we get to give them something worthwhile to stare at… and even possibly, hopefully READ!

My inspiration stems from my students, whacky dreams, Pinterest posts and conversations with my fellow teaching pals.

Keeping it colourful, cartoony and creative is my goal. The brighter the better, and where applicable it is awesome to get my students involved in the classroom creations.

It is funny, sometimes as a teacher I hear teenagers using new slang that leaves me feeling old. Terms like ‘on fleek’ make me cringe wondering if I ever spoke such gibberish during my high school years.

But it also opens up opportunities to keep my learning walls relatable and up-to-date with modern trends. 

I’m looking forward to this year giving many more opportunities to keep my classroom a fun, bright and overall great place to be!!

Stay tuned for more adventures!


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