You make me feel like dancing (and singing)!

As the saying goes…

When in Osaka, do as they do.

Or something like that.

The Japanese Party (us four Aussies) navigated our way to The Drunken Clam.
Originally a bar made famous from the animated comedy series ‘Family Guy’, it is also a cosy, little karaoke bar located on the third floor of a building standing on a street corner in Osaka. 

What began as a tentative Australian singalong to Panic! At The Disco’s “I write sins not tragedies” transformed into a creative collaboration of cultures in the heated room.

We drank, danced, sung and were merry (just in time for Christmas Eve) as we made friends with people from Japan, Korea, South Africa, Yorkshire (God’s Country), North Carolina, Hawaii, London and many other places!

We chorused together, we howled together, we leapt majestically around the room… it was a perfect night.

The sangria wasn’t half bad either!

There was a wide variety of songs to choose from (although I do request they add ‘500 miles’ by The Proclaimers to their repertoire) and it was easy to sing along with such kind and welcoming staff behind the bar.

If you find yourself in Osaka – rejoice! Because it means you are one step closer to being one of the lucky few of this earth to sing at The Drunken Clam.

Five-stars on trip advisor and a favourite place that I personally cannot wait to return to.


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