A Walk in the Park

Nara is a peaceful little town that is well-known for its harmonious cohabitation of humans and deers.

When I first heard of the Nara Deer Park, I didn’t quite realise that it was just Nara Park and that deers just happened to live there. It was really bizarre to see deer (like, doe a deer a female deer) placidly strolling around or lazing on the twisted roots of trees.

I was a bit skeptical of how friendly they seemed (yet not so domesticated) as one came right up to me in an attempt to acquire my 7/11 egg sandwich. (No way, Bucko! You can buck off!)

This deer has had enough of your not sharing of sandwiches!

Nara also has many beautiful temples and shrines, and of course (like all of Japan) some beautiful nature that perfectly compliments the historical structures they surround. 

It was no more than a brief day trip (approximately five hours, although that does include my speed walking) but it was more than enough to get a taste of the sweet city of Nara.

You could say it was a great i-deer (idea 💡 – get it?) to visit.

I’m not even ashamed of my terrible, terrible puns. 

Happy Holidaying!


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