We’ve Got The Whole World In Our Hands πŸ‘πŸΌ

The slow-spinning globe at the entrance to Universal Studios Japan towers above the park-goers and collective tourists who pose sweetly for their next profile picture.

It is a symbol of the awe and majesty that the amusement park itself will instill in every visitor.

Professor Waters? It could work. Hog warts hire me!

As we edged our way closer to the entrance gates we saw earlier attendees taking off in a sprint as soon as they stepped foot into the actual park. Being four mature, well-adjusted, 20-year-old ladies we knew exactly the proper way to react when exposed to such wild behaviour.

If you go (which, duh, you absolutely MUST) as soon as you get through the gate to Universal Studios (and make sure you get there early) RUN FOR YOUR GOSH DARN LIFE to the first attraction you want to see!!

The entire day was fast paced and action packed (top tip: don’t be afraid of taking the singles line for particularly busy attractions). 

The absolute highlight was the ’15th Anniversary’ parade in the afternoon that involved beautifully designed floats and culturally diverse costumes and performers. As the parade of floats came towards the end performers invited the crowd onto the street to join in the singing and dancing, handing out bunches of confetti.

We all crouched in anticipation until the countdown began and then sprung up releasing the confetti into the air and cheering. It was truly spectacular, quite possibly one of the greatest moments of my life.

Universal Studios is a world of its own, and absolutely a place where I could go again and again and again. 

My happy face enjoying the Wizarding World of Harry Potter


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