Walking Amongst Giants

Today I broke a rule.
Not a seriously rule, don’t worry, I’m not writing this from a cell. This was a personal rule that I broke.

AND IT WAS SO SIMPLE! ARGH! Despite all of our good intentions and heartfelt promises and whole belief in ourselves to do the right thing… we all make mistakes.

Leilani’s 3rd rule of Holidays:

Do not buy anymore clothes!

My cupboard at home is over-filled and the second cupboard at home is almost filled. It is sufficient to say that I am not in dire need of a new outfit by any means.

So I felt a bit guilty after my splurge, luckily the girls (travel buddies) had a little pick-me-up planned in the form of a hedgehog and bunny cafe! (Guest appearance of three energetic chinchillas!!)

So with a bag of clothes in my backpack I petted and posed with some cute critters (refer to pictures below). 

The robot restaurant is a must-see experience. You will cheer for the good guys and hiss at the bad. It is a quirky (yet wonderful) blend of machines, neon lights, dancers, staged fights, classic plots, and musical numbers to keep you entertained until the very end (and not wanting to leave!!)

The magic of the robot restaurant begins before the show even starts. 

Outside the venue are two giant robot ladies, waiting for tourists to come and sit in their laps for a photo. The flashing signs proudly declares ‘ROBOT RESTAURANT’ in solid colours with cheerful employees waving and greeting people passing on the street. As we checked in a wall filled with pictures of previous celebrity patrons smiled down on us. We were shown to a waiting room complete with flashing rainbow lights, porcelain flower print toilets and musicians dressed as robots performing incredible covers of classic songs (my personal fav was the saxophone that clearly captured Michael Jackson’s ‘Man in the Mirror’.)

Once the show began is was enthralling and captivating the whole way through. I was so emotionally invested in the peculiar characters in front of me that I didn’t stop smiling, clapping and cheering throughout the entire performance. 

It’s the little things that make a holiday something fantastic. For all it is worth a bunny cafe and a robot restaurant are just typical things to do in Japan… and without them I am sure my holiday would feel incomplete.

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