The New Kid in Town

Day 1 of being in Japan is done and dusted and I have picked up some useful phrases.


I don’t understand


I’m sorry



My lexicon is still a work in progress (sumimasen) but I am picking up other skills in the process.

A prime example is my understanding of the train system, which was so confusing and mentally exhausting last night is now only a matter of walking with confidence and understanding how to buy a ‘transfer ticket’.

I also clipped up a helmet and rode a bike around Tokyo today (a whole 26km)! We saw the University of Tokyo as well as temples and shrines. We ate traditional Japanese sweets and noodle tempura and minced horseradish. We met professional sumo wrestlers (and were even interviewed by a local TV station!)

After the bicycle ride (shout out to the incredible team of Tokyo Great Cycling Tours from Kayabacho, Tokyo) we sipped on some Asahi (Japanese beer) and meandered* our way to the Tokyo Skytree.

(*this involved a train ride.)

Tokyo Skytree was beautiful! If you go, I recommend going at night. The lively city of Tokyo stretches out before you, a vast ocean of glittering and racing lights that reach out far into the distance and leave you in awe, wondering how you could have possibly existed in this world and not have known of this magical place.

To think, I could have died and never known it was there.

Now I’m getting all philosophical, I’d better be careful about that.

Alas, the perfect day finishes up with me laying in bed with sore feet and a head full of experiences to process in my subconscious. 


(Good night.)


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