Class Dismissed!

Oh yes, that is correct. You have read it here first, my friends.

School is OUT!

My year of first experiences, trials and tribulations, ups and downs is complete!

About the whole experience let me just say this…


I did it!!

Oh my words, I am struggling to express the reaction I am having to the end of this school year. For all my beginning teachers out there, I feel you! It is tough, tough work being a newbie in the world of education… especially as a teacher!

The workload alone is enough to make you reconsider the entire profession you’ve worked at least four years to reach.

Sometimes the breaking point is caused by the students who cannot seem to appreciate the fact that during their lunch breaks they’re meant to get a drink and use the bathroom not during the middle of my lesson!

Let us not forget the horrifying fact that technology itself (that I have always trusted so wholeheartedly to never exceed me) has transformed in a way that leaves me confused and needing to take shouted directions from the 13-year-olds behind their desks.


But trust me on this dear colleagues (and perhaps future colleagues) it is so worth it!

Even for all of the times the questions and errors made me roll my eyes or want to cry, teaching is a career that gives you so much and so many opportunities to give back to others.

Teaching is a profession where you’re never bored, which is sometimes all we really want in life.

Your passion, creativity, kindness, compassion, enthusiasm and dedication never goes underappreciated (although at some points you may think it does).

All we have to remember is that we are, literally, all in this together. Teachers are not teachers just for themselves. They teach for the greater good of the world, which is why we must all work together and share and care for each others to ensure we are all being the best we can be.

And every year, we just get better.

Happy end of 2016 school year, fam!



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