What a generic title for a blog post, but screw it! This is important, so listen up!

Give yourself a break, people!

Take the time to take the time, if you know what I mean.

This year I have found myself completely engulfed in a new job, with new responsibilities, and new people, and let me say it is exhausting!

It is easy to become totally absorbed in your work, to be the best, to improve, not just for the sake of your career but for the sake of your peers and the people who rely on you doing a good job.

The reality though is that we cannot be our best if we do not give ourselves time to rest. 

(The slight rhyme was unintentional, but do not let my naturally poetical talent make this message any less important.)

Take the time to say ‘I’m taking a week for myself, with no thinking about work.’

Even on weekends, I’m not at work, but you can bet your favourite pen that I am thinking about it and planning for it!!

If we don’t take the time for ourselves to rest and take a break you can guarantee that all that neutron firing is going to result in exhaustion, anxiety, depression or some kind of toxic cocktail of all of those negative emotions.

Let’s face it. Work isn’t, or at least shouldn’t, be about working yourself to a point of unhappiness. You’re not doing anyone any favours if that’s your work ethic.

Your health and happiness = the most important thing in your world.

So, leave the papers on your desk and take the week for yourself.


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