Rather Crafty

There is only one thing I love more than my birthday, and that one thing is the birthday of someone else.

Specifically, a special someone else.

I feel a different kind of happiness when I find a perfect gift for someone, it swells inside of my heart and roars from my soul, “SUCCESS!”

Sometimes it is a dress, or something I uncover serendipitously in a shopping centre. Often, it is something delightful I discover at the markets, on etsy, or on Pinterest (the most dangerous by far!)

Quick interjection: Handmade Renegade in Townsville is a DREAM for all your gift needs.

Recently I attempted some golden animal candles, as seen originally on Pinterest, and they were beautiful and perfect for my dear friend (Rara)… For two days… Until I noticed some of the spray paint hadn’t covered the entire plastic animal.

Faint stripes and spots, and patches of pachyderm skin appeared through the golden coating.

Alas! My DIY skills have much left to be desired… Spray painting was quite fun though.

I look forward to more crafting practice in the future, because even my failed attempts look good on Instagram.


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