Someone pass me the microphone, I got something to say.

“Chill Out!”

That’s it. That’s all I wanted to say.

Everywhere I look lately it is people stressing out, and it’s not just at university.

It is everywhere!

It’s that time of the year where everyone seems to be struggling, just waiting it out until Christmas.

People, people, people, please.

For your own health and peace of mind, I ask you to take a moment and readjust your attitude.

The problem is not the problem, it’s your attitude towards the problem. Get it!?

So in the spirit of ‘que sera sera’ just let it happen, and enjoy the moment.


Sometimes we really just need to readjust our thinking, take a new perspective on an issue, or give ourselves some well deserved down time.

I am one of those terrible people you hear about who can’t simply tune out in front of the TV. I need to have a book, or a pen and paper, or origami sheets, heck! I’ll even bring out my balloon animal kit. I feel as though sitting idly in front of a television without another activity in front of me is a bad decision. The guilt hits me like a train, I break out in a cold sweat and begin thinking “I don’t deserve to sit on this couch.” You may think my problem would be solved by promptly sitting on the floor, but alas, the problem doesn’t end at that matter.

Why is it that so many of us feel nervous about zoning out? Sure, sometimes we take a nap as procrastination, but sleep is just as important as activities such as eating and raving (Don’t forget to repeat!)

Reading is another big one, I feel as though I have no time for a good book anymore. As soon as I begin flipping and falling into the plot, my eyes look up to my desk that is piled with papers and readings and other messes that I created. Since when did cleaning up a mess become more important to me than reading a good book? (Blasphemy!)

My resolve is to start taking bigger breaths, taking a moment to close my eyes, enjoying the sound of the birds singing and the air-conditioner humming mechanically… oooooh, soothing.

So find a place that chills you out, get your nails did* (*done), do a hair treatment, go for a walk, put on some Latin beats and act like you know how to cook an interesting dish filled with herbs, vegetables and other thingo-stuff-things.

I believe in you… and just remember that I’m the one who said that.


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