Oh my DUO [Previous Publication Portfolio]

I am a total believer that if you just take life as it comes, then wonderful things will come to you.

Sometimes wonderful things disguise themselves as everyday people, the people you walk past on the street, or catch a glimpse of as they walk past on the street and you sit comfortably people-watching from the shopfront of a cafe.

My point is that we see these people everyday, but it is not exactly the norm to walk up to each person and ask them what their story is.

Not that they’d tell you anyway, but as we should all know, everyone has a story.

My time at DUO Magazine is an excellent example of this whole ‘wonderful things coming to you’ concept.

I was not looking for a writing position per se, but I was at the point of my life where I was wondering how I could incorporate my love of strange and new things with a viable publication. DUO Magazine was the answer.

I not only approached these people with interesting stories, I actually got to hear them, and write about them, creating the stories of these human beings and their passions for the readers of DUO.

It was an amazing four months before my calling took me somewhere else, to write new stories about new things.

However, I still always manage to run into some quirky soul who I just know would be perfect for that ‘last word’ segment.

One day all their stories will be told, by someone witty and [not too] wordy, and we will laugh and clasp our hands in delight at what beautiful people live in our beautiful city… or something like that.

View the rest of my Published Portfolio.

DUO Magazine Issues:

DUO Magazine – 96th Issue [May] (p. 107)

DUO Magazine – 97th Issue [June] (p. 50, p. 130)

DUO Magazine – 98th Issue [July] (p. 44, p. 130)

DUO Magazine – 99th Issue [August] (p. 130)


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