My Colour Coordinated Lifestyle

Lately I have become quite consumed with this idea that if every accessory I own, use or wear is the same colour that it will instantly look as though I am an incredibly organised and ‘together’ young adult.

However, my darling readers, I can assure you this is not the case.

Sure, I have pens in every colour, and sunglasses for every occasion, but do flamingo straw toppers and hair chalk really make a difference in daily life?

Wearing a pink watch, and clicking on a pink mouse with your pink fingernails will not write an essay any faster than naked nails on a plain mouse with a pocket watch tightly packed in your desk draw.

Honestly, I have no idea if the strangers I pass even recognise the effort I put into wearing pink flowers in my hair to match myyellow scheme Lime Crime ‘pink velvet’ lip colour.

The same goes for my yellow ‘pineapple’ watch that I wear with my yellow ‘mini crayon’ earrings, sure it is cute (or so people tell me), but what purpose does this serve other than showing people that I own adorable things?

I will now share with you the secret.

Come in close, no, closer.

I want your face hovering above your keyboard, perhaps even your nose touching the screen of your laptop… no, wait, that is too close. Back it up.

Alright, there. Right there, perfecto!

Now, for the secret, the secret as to what is so great about colour coordinating your life…

Colour coordinating is great, because…



Alright, I use ‘procrastination’ here for a bit of a laugh, but in reality planning out my outfits and accessories shows me that I have the power of thinking ahead. Oh, what a wonderful skill to possess!

Truth be told, if I am hunting for socks that match a headband, or pawing through my jewelery box of badges and brooches for ‘the right one’, then it is not exactly a complete waste of my time in comparison to activities such as crying in front of my computer because I don’t wanna be an adult. (Joking! Being an adult is fun, guys.)

My point is this, bringing some colour into your life is certainly not the worst thing you can do with your time and your funds. You never know when you’ll need blue paper drinking straws, or purple cake boxes… hmm… this colour coordinating thing is hungry work.

Anyone up for a picnic?

What colour cupcakes do we want?


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