When Disney goes clubbing…

When I was younger I always dreamed that one day I would live a life fitting of a Disney production.

As I grow older, I realise we are all living the ‘Disney dream’ in one way or another.

Our 21st century alternative to glitzy balls is just a night out… and it doesn’t get more Disney than that, right?

First you try on 2,000 outfits…

getting ready 1 giphy

Before finding the perfect one for your evening.

getting ready

Driving to the club, playing your beats.

driving to the club giphy

You rock up at the club…

walk into the club giphy

And you meet up with your friends

girls in the club giphy

And all the people want to be your friend, and you have to be like, “Chill.”

thirsty giphy

Then comes the drinking…

drink me giphy

And drinking…

drink up giphy

And dancing…

dancing sxc in club giphy

Lots of dancing…

dancing 1 giphy

Everyone is dancing!

dancing 3 giphy

Oops! (And drinking)

drink down giphy

Some more dancing…

dancing 4 giphy

When suddenly… You meet somebody cool.

dancing 2 giphy

And you start chatting and dancing.

dancing all night giphy

And your friends have to pull you away before you get all… you know…

kiss giphy

Sometimes you might have a bit of a breakdown…

outside the club giphy

But it is nothing that gross, street pizza can’t fix (although your friends beg you not to eat it)

eating gross pizza giphy

Then you try to get home and find you can’t open the door…

trying to get into house giphy

And then realise it’s not your house.

oops giphy

And then do the whole wake up the next day thing…

waking up giphy


At least you saved the number from that person you met last night, “need coffee?”

smooch giphy

And life goes on, we all lived happily ever after.

Until next weekend.


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