International Literacy Day 2015

Good morning my darling, beautiful, wonderful, incredible humans…

How marvellous is the human language?
This is a rhetorical question… truly it is beyond the most magical things.

Today is International Literacy Day, and I am very excited.

Not only because I am incredibly passionate about literature, and not only because I am overjoyed at the mere thought of one day being able to share my love of literature with a classroom of young adults, but because I know the power of words.

Words can change lives.

Words can change the world.

Today, at JCU, I am organising an impromptu event.

This event includes a book sale, a dollar for a used book and the proceeds go towards supporting the Society of St Vincent De Paul tutoring group for refugees.

To me words and writing is the key to a type of freedom.

Constantly reading, writing prompts, designing posters, meeting new people, 11052859_10152941937476094_7685602837217034265_nlearning new things, it is all so important to helping us become more than what we are.

There are so many amazing things in the world.

One of my favourite online websites is Buzzfeed, they have plenty of fun quizzes and entertaining articles about literature. I fully intend to be sharing and overwhelming everyone in my newsfeed with links to their site.

Example A
Freakishly accurate.

Example B.
See what I mean?!

Alongside a book sale, we will also be pulling people aside to talk about their favourite books and how they have inspired them in some way.

They say that all teachers are teachers of literacy, and during this year experiencing the Graduate Diploma of Education I truly see the value in not only knowing content, but in understanding and seeing the value in content and knowledge.

International Literacy Day, to me, is not only a day to raise awareness about illiteracy, but to show people why we’re not only merely literate but wildly passionate about literature and the power and purpose of literacy.

It is something truly spectacular.


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