We all have favourites, right?

My favourite pair of boots. I got them back in 2010, and they were a gift from my parents.

Getting good grades or something. I got to pick out whatever pair of shoes I wanted.

I chose them.

And I’ve had them ever since, that is five years on my adventurous feet.

And they’re still in good condition…

But I wonder…

I always wonder, what will happen the day they fall apart?

How will it happen?

When will it happen?

Why will it happen?

But I suppose it is inevitable.

Why oh why do our favourite things seem to leave us… or we leave them.

Favourite subjects at school, one half of a pair of earrings (a moment for my lost hoop)… and now these shoes.

They’re still good. And they still take me from ‘point A’ to ‘point B’ and home again… but still.

They’re my favourites.

And I don’t wanna lose ’em.


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