Like I was, once.

Once I was bird.

All I knew how to do was fly, and eat, and sleep, and glance at things quickly.

One day, I found myself studying the sky quite intently.

So big, and blue, and never ending.

If only I could touch it.

Why shouldn’t I touch it?

So I flew up, up, up, to the big, blue sky.

I flew as high as I could, sometimes on different angles, wondering where it would end.

My wings worked tirelessly, and I could feel the earth far below me, stretching further and further away.

The sky felt so close, yet it felt so far away.

All I wanted was to reach out and feel it, have it wrap itself around me, I wanted to live inside that sky.

I wanted to sit so high that all I could do was watch everything at once.

Never again glancing for a moment.

Never again having every memory be a fleeting one.

I awoke on the ground, with no wings.

Staring at the sky. Unblinking. Unshifting my gaze.

If only I could be up there looking down.

If only I could look away.

If only I were still a bird.

Like I was, once.


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