Where Have I Been Hiding?

Often on a perfectly peaceful, calm, and quiet day like today, I find myself wondering why do I ever worry?

And for as awkward as the wording of that question is, it is all in my head so it doesn’t matter.

It seems, for the most part, that I am always so busy. Too busy, in fact. Too busy to take the time to enjoy a day, or read a book, or smell the roses, or think about doing exercise.

You all know it. We’re all victims of our own self-imposed stress (and in the worst situation – stress that someone else imposes onto us).

As a University student it seems I am leaving everything until the last moment, but not this year.

It is so liberating to make the decision to get your life sorted, and then actually sort it.

Something I always say to people when they tell me that I’m ‘too busy’, is this:

“If I wasn’t busy, then I would be busy making myself busy.”

And I’m not sure if this is true, but it seems just when I’ve written an essay, or completed a lesson plan, or have actually gotten around to doing laundry. I decide to start crafting a birthday card, or to go outside and look around.

This list is never ending and rightly so we are never done.

Please accept this as my explanation as to my absence from the online world.

I’ve been busy enjoying being busy.

Or more specifically, I’ve been busy enjoying life.

Because if we can’t appreciate every opportunity we have to be active, or think deep thoughts, or do anything, then what are we waiting for exactly?

And how long will we have to wait in anticipation to get it?

Peace and Good Vibes, darlings.


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