Literary Lifestyle

Just as you should have a varied diet, with lots of colour on your plate; a varied library, with lots of colour on the shelves, is very important for a health and happy life.

Ever since I was a young child I have had a dear love for the literary world.

I’ve posted about this passion before, but only recently have I really had a chance to reconsider my passion.

Life is so busy, but I know that I am one of those people who keep myself busy.

When I have a day off I take on tasks and adventures like baking, or redesigning my room, or sewing, or drawing comic books (please don’t ask me why I won’t give myself a break, I don’t really know).

I enjoy being busy, and having something to do, and I like to do it well.

Currently, I am reading this delightful book called ‘The Hundred-year-old Man who climbed out of the window and disappeared‘.

It is really entertaining, and has come to me with high recommendations (from my Mother, who I trust on all matters regarding books).

However, the shameful truth is I have been slowly working my way through this book for over a year!

How dreadful! Not at all because I’m a slow reader, but because something interrupts my reading so drastically that I won’t pick it up for another month or so.

While I’m reading a book I become completely engrossed and engaged in the story and characters, but as soon as something else has my attention I focus wholeheartedly on the new task until it is completed, or until something else interrupts that attention.

Oh, what a time to be alive!

Where there are so many opportunities for distraction. (Or is it called procrastination?)

I have this theory, that as I have turned more to writing than reading, that is possibly why I have become more involved in newspapers and magazines than glorious novels.

I can spend hours exploring and pouring through the pages of glossy or matte publications, admiring those elements like typography, alignment, the photos and clever wording that draws you into the story.

It’s possibly just as thrilling as I find those fast-paced, or sometimes curiously drawn-out, stories in books.

However it turns, or spins, or flips, I believe that I will always lead a literary lifestyle, no matter what I do, or where I go.


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