Instagram Game Strong

Social media is a major part of every business, event or organisation.

It’s a funny thing, especially because as superficial as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram may seem, their impact and way of connecting companies or personalities with their audiences is invaluable.

Now, funnily enough I am not in anyway the social media representative for anyone except myself.

But may I say, I think I do a great job.

That is what is really important when it comes to building a successful social media foundation or profile.

Someone who knows you, knows your product, knows your service, knows your audience, and knows how to present that.

Whether it is your holiday, your meals, your artwork, or anything else pertaining to your adventures or passions.

Social Media can be said to be an extension of yourself.

My personal Instagram is a representation of my own day to day activities and adventures, but also it shows elements of my life as a journalist as I pursue stories and meet the people of my city.

I use my Instagram to illustrate my own story in a unique way.


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