What to do with all of my accessories???

I am a girl with a wide collection of sunglasses.

I also have an incredible variety of hats.

Next on the list comes scarves and gloves.

Followed closely by outrageous tights and stockings.

It would be a shame not to mention the wigs I have hidden in a box in my cupboard as well.

AAANNDDD not to mention the ridiculous range I have in actual outfits that accentuate each look I have.

Truly, I am a master of disguise… if the situation ever called for it.

Between my tiara (that I wear for inspiration) and the fake tattoo sleeve I pull onto my arm for days when I want to feel a bit cooler than I already am (hard to do, but I manage) it’s a little bit silly to think I own so much… STUFF.

And sometimes I wonder, what should I really do with it all?

Often, I contemplate giving it away to charity or during some outrageous event.

But then what would happen when I needed to wear bumblebee antennae?

Maybe I’ll never have an answer… one day I might find out.

But for now, I will slip on my Endora cape and continue typing away and dreaming about the world.


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