It is truly a very joyous and momentous occasion when an author gets published for the first time.

I can assure you, I myself was beyond ecstatic, forcing the paper into everyone’s faces, emailing my entire contacts list with the subject: ‘Check it out!!!’ (yes, the three exclamation points were necessary.)

If you visit the published portfolio page of this website you’ll have access to some of my previously published print pieces (excuse the alliteration, I couldn’t resist).

I am always writing, so this page will surely grow as does my portfolio.

My time with the publications was also very special.

DUO Magazine:

Over four months I contributed articles to DUO Magazine (a Townsville based luxury lifestyle publication) in an intern position.

After my first profile feature was published I pitched my own story concepts and local profiles that suited DUO Magazine’s style.

My role was more of a freelance position where I worked independently on researching and writing my stories outside of the office and emailing them through to be edited.

The articles were designed to entertain, educate and provide insight into a person or topic for readers.

Sunshine Coast Daily

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to intern at the Sunshine Coast Daily for two weeks.

During that time I was given stories to research and write about contacting sources and often organizing photographs.

I was also able to pursue a story I had pitched about pollution of a popular tourist beach, which featured its headline on the front page of one edition.

Mostly I managed my time and interviews from the office location where I did eight contact hours a day Monday – Friday.

It was an incredible experience working so closely with a team but being able to work so independently as well.

The Bullsheet

During my second semester of studying Journalism at James Cook University I worked as a journalist for the student paper ‘The Bullsheet’.

Not only was I responsible for pitching, researching and reporting my own story concepts, I also had to self-edit and source photographs for majority of my stories.

There would be a range from 4 – 10 stories in each edition.

I was also a main columnist for the ‘sex talks’ articles in each edition.

Being a university publication it was important I kept my stories aimed at the target audience of 18 – 25 year old students.

There was also a reoccurring vox pop section where I would find random university students to give their opinions on a range of topics.

JCNN (James Cook News Network)

From March to June I acted as the managing editor of the online news platform JCNN (James Cook News Network).

My role included supervising reporters stories and progress and making sure that all articles were submitted on time to allow for editing and uploading.

It was also required for me to pitch, research and report my own stories.

During weekly meetings I took note of each reporters stories for the week and uploaded that list (an excel spreadsheet) to the teams dropbox, and helped reporters further their ideas and secure sources or other interesting contacts.

I also edited articles and provided feedback to the writers.


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