Hop, skip and a jump

Adventure is out there!

A great adventure awaits for those who are brave enough to go find it.

My life is all about adventure, it is about the experience.

It is about taking on life and seeing everything you ever dreamed of.

Or didn’t know you could dream of.

The world as you know it is a marvellous thing, but there is always more to be known.

I could stand on the shore twisting my toes in the sand, and skipping pebbles over the smooth waves that gently roll towards me.

I could ask for the sea to swallow me whole and turn me into a mermaid.

I could ask the sky to gather its darkest clouds and cry onto me, washing away all my own sad thoughts.

I could ask every morning for today to be a beautiful day, but I know that it always will be. No matter what.

So I step outside, and feel everything rushing towards me like waves or rain, and I let it wash over me.

I drown in experiences, and I swim through ideas and conversations.

My body is a current and it will wash everyone away.

But the metaphor is not the same for everyone.


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