My Favourite Planet

Space amazes me.

It amazes me so much nearly every weekend I feel inspired to paint the ceiling of my bedroom to mimic the galaxy with it’s stars and other glowing things (satellites? UFO? Who am I to say?)

I used to wonder about other planets, what they’d be like… it took me long enough to realise that the best planet of them all was the one with ME on it! (And also chocolate, puppies, Miley Cyrus, and felt tip pens.)

But I really do feel that not enough people care about our earth as it is.

Truly it is a marvellous place, filled with wonder and beauty.

ALSO, it is REALLY cool.

But for as much as we love talking about all the cool everyday things like internet or pretty earrings… I don’t think many people take into consideration what they can do for our lovely home planet…


This is one of my favourite things about potentially becoming a teacher one day, talking about the earth and all we can do for it is something amazing, especially for young minds.

‘Outdoor Classrooms’ is a book I recently discovered…

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