The Essentials

IMGP3402My name is Leilani, I am a 21-year-old Aquarian living in Tropical North Queensland.

Over the past three years I have been studying a Bachelor of Multimedia Journalism at James Cook University in Townsville.

It all began with my high grades in English throughout high school, my passion for reading gave me a slight advantage in classes where spelling, varied sentence structure and a slightly beyond average vocabulary was valued.

Still to this day I am a giant advocate for reading and indulging in books, magazines, comic books, anything that gets you reading and processing information.

SIMGP1568ince I began my bachelor I’ve been working on various pieces and projects for a range of publications. You can see some of these works on the Published Portfolio page of this site.

Now that I’ve finished my bachelor, I am still writing and working on projects as well as studying the Graduate Diploma of Secondary Education also at JCU.IMGP5612

Education is amazing, everyday I feel inspired to do something different or do something that will challenge me in some way.

I am both blessed and cursed with creativity that strikes me at any time.

Nearly everyday I see something or think of something that I can imagine being incorporated into a classroom or unit plan.

Also, be careful, I can talk about the Australian national curriculum longer than your average person on the street.

But it is ok, because I also love talking about a lot of things.

A few things that I think are very important includes: Local people and stories, adventures, positivity, flossing (and general dental hygiene), and knowing that it is ok to indulge in your favourite things every once in a while.

I am always trying to grow stuff in my garden, with very little success, and I really enjoy making short videos about little events or gatherings.IMGP1665

Something I’m looking forward to in the near future is cleaning out my wardrobe and hosting a clothes swap.

And that is nearly everything you need to know about me… basically.





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