Red as Roses: I am 21!!

It all started with an outfit.

I found this beautiful skirt and top combo, and knew I HAD to have a special event to wear it to.

So I decided to celebrate my 21st birthday with a good old fashioned shindig.

Fitting with my new found love for Sangria and Red Velvet Cake, the theme was “Red as Roses”… ‘Rose’ also being my middle name.

We hired some tables, set up our marquees, bought myself a decanter, borrowed a jukebox from the neighbour, and invited all my closest friends and family.

It was an incredible afternoon/night with lots of laughing, dancing, drinking and photos!

I spent weeks pouring over Pinterest, obsessively studying the pages of Hooray magazine, designing the invite, cutting the bunting, testing sangria recipes (to find the best one for my party of course).

My best friend in the whole wide world flew up from Bribie Island to celebrate with me, and we ate cake together.

On the day we unfurled the paper garlands, and picked up the balloons, made little tomato/basil/bocconcini appetisers, and set up the photo booth and selfie stations.

The best part was, at no point was I stressed out.

It was lovely.

Our yard is tiny, you would be surprised with how small it actually is. However, a few dry bars and more bunting (there were METRES of the stuff I tell you) it seemed to accommodate the guests quite nicely.

All in all, I would do it again – and I intend to!

I don’t know about you… but next year I’ll feel 22… *cheesy yet fitting lyric reference*

Xoxo, Happy Celebrating, cuties!


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