Halloween in Townsville

macsgirlsI know, I know, you want to look amazing.

Not just the prettiest girl at the ball, but the most horrifying ghoul at the massacre.

There are heaps of great events happening around Townsville for this October 31st, but beyond getting a bit scared you actually get to play along!

Halloween is so popular because it is an excuse to dress up and get scared silly and have a great time!

Between Full Moon and the 106.3 Mad Cow Massacre there is lots of fun to be had.

With only one day left to go, I certainly hope you all have your costumes picked out.

No? You don’t?

Well that’s OK too.


Recently I visited a store called Mac’s Amusements & Prestige Costume Hire and the team there was amazing!

Their range was spectacular and they made the whole process of picking a costume super easy, stress free and fun.

The hire includes not only the basic costume but also shoes, props, hats and even a bag (if it matches, of course.)

I was blown away by what they had to offer and fell in love with more than one character (as can be expected), but in the end was a happy customer.

For those of you who aren’t interested in taking care of a hire costume all night, they also have a LOT of stock for sale. They’ve got you covered (almost literally) with all the fake blood, fake fangs, temporary tattoos, stockings, gloves, latex, masks and whatever else you could hope for!

(I myself was quite enamoured by the witches hats and plastic pitchforks.)

Sufficient to say, for all Halloween and even typical costume needs this will forever be my go to place.

Like them on Facebook to see what they have on offer, or pop in and see them at 41 Harold Street in West End.

They’ll be open all day on Halloween and Saturday morning too.

If you do pop in and see them, tell them I say hey.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing you all dressed up to the horns tomorrow night.


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