Z Doco

Z DOCO: Zombie Culture in Townsville

30/October 2014


I am doing a video documentary about zombies.


The concept of zombie culture is actually a really interesting and valid idea to explore in a major video documentary.

There is a rise in zombie popularity across Television shows, films, video games and even comic books.

archie afterlife

Afterlife with Archie Art


Recently I picked up the first edition of ‘Afterlife with Archie’ from my local Comic Shop, and it is incredible! I am so sad that I’ll have to wait a few more months for the next one to come out.

The idea is that between ‘The Walking Dead’, the never ending Resident Evil films, and the fact that Billy from Hocus Pocus was seriously such a sweetheart, maybe our generation will never get over zombies.

I know we all went through a vampire stage (let’s not get too involved in that right now), so are zombies nothing more than a phase for popular culture at the moment?

I will be exploring this concept in my documentary also looking beyond zombies in popular culture by explaining how their anatomy works, the zombie virus in real life nature, and the people who have a serious apocalypse survival plan in place – just in case!


Doug Jones as Billy Butcherson in Hocus Pocus (1993)


With Halloween just around the corner (a.k.a.: tomorrow) I will be venturing out across Townsville visiting various haunted houses and celebrations to speak to party goers about the appeal of dressing up as zombies.

I am looking forward to getting spooked and capturing some great footage for my final production.

I am also looking forward to the idea of some readers venturing out dressed as their favourite corpse.

I shall keep you posted on how it all goes.

Yours, Leilani Waters


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