The #20for20 Birthday Adventure

Birthdays. Such fun things aren’t they?

When you were a child and you would count down to your birthday like Christmas (and hey, no judgement if you’re an adult who still does this).

Somewhere along the way though, we need to be careful, birthdays become dangerous things that hold no excitement and only dread.

Getting older is not something to be scared off, or discouraged by. No! Not at all! It is simply another opportunity to embrace a day all about doing whatever it is that you want to do!

Be a bit selfish, why not! It’s your birthday, you’ve earned it by existing through 364 days of it not being all about you.

Here is a “20 for 20” list I devised back when it was I who was turned the grand ‘no where’ age of 20 (a.k.a.: the other week)… make your own variations, but if you want something specific, by all means read on!

ALSO! Don’t forget to post the adventure on Instagram with your hashtag #20for201

  1. Eat dessert first
    This isn’t really a brand new concept, but take yourself out and unashamedly order the mud chocolate cake before you get a quesadilla. YUM! Nothing says ‘good bye teenage years’ like sugar first and substantial meal second.
  2. Go Photo Booth Crazy
    Collect as many coins as you can and climb into a photo booth. How many emotions can your face portray? The best part of this experience is you have some super cute film strips to admire and hold in your wallet forever.
  3. Eat a heap of junk food
    Snakes, Kit Kat, m&m’s, sherbet fizzers, lifesavers, pop rocks, you name it, you eat it. Be prepared for the sugar high and the resulting stomach and headache too.
  4. Enjoy a Kinder Surprise
    Everyone should take the time nowadays to treat themselves to a kinder surprise, the best part isn’t that beautiful mixture of chocolate, but the little toy that hides inside. SUPERB!3
  5. Disney movie marathon
    Ok, let’s face it, I’ve already done this three times this year, but take the time to select your favourite Disney flicks and settle down to enjoy them all.
  6. Watch a scary movie and get silly scared
    Getting silly scared is fantastic! Where everything makes you scream, and you can barely walk to the bathroom without all the lights being turned on.
  7. Invent a dessert
    Cupcakes with marshmallows, popping candy, and a surprise centre… ooh, think of the possibilities!?
  8. Invent a cocktail
    Beyond mixing a standard alcohol with juice. Add a garnish. Voila! You are basically a bartender.
  9. Dance all night
    Put on some comfy shoes and go out dancing until you cannot dance anymore!
  10. Macca’s run9
    A rite of passage really, go for another once more before you hit 20 years.
  11. Do something you wouldn’t normally do
    Typically, this refers to taking a shot, but it could be anything that takes you that little bit out of your comfort zone (being safe, of course!)
  12. Spend all day in the pool
    Ah, yes. Those childhood days where you’d be a mermaid for several hours, with wrinkly fingers and chlorine stained hair. Mm! The Memories!!
  13. Play Truth or Dare
    Dare someone to have their make up done by someone else blind folded, mix a strange (but safe) mystery drink, the possibilities are endless!
  14. Host a sleepover10
    Another chance for a fantastic movie marathon, with yummy food, and your favourite people.
  15. Learn something new
    Whether it be skate boarding or how to pump up your car tyres. You should learn something new everyday.
  16. Dance in the Rain
    But make sure you dry off straight after! Don’t want you catching a cold now do we?
  17. Get Creative and Messy
    Finger painting is always delightful and therapeutic. Or attempt to make colour run powder? eep!
  18. Buy something you want but don’t really need
    I live in the hottest, driest city of all. But sometimes a girl just needs some gumboots. Y’know? Especially if she’s going to turn 20.
  19. Spend a whole day in your pyjamas13
    Because a.) they’re comfy b.) they look good and c.) you’ve earned some relaxation time
  20. Pamper yourself
    Do your nails, buy a face mask, load your bathtub up with fluffy foamy bubbles and enjoy the feeling of zoning right out.

Ok, after revising this list (now as a 21-year-old) I do most of these things every week.

Embrace everyday! And HB babes.



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