Return of the Yowie

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, PEOPLE OF THE WORLD! Hold onto your hats, socks, pants, and take all other precautions in preparation to hearing this news…

Yowies are coming back!

Yowies, if for some absurd reason you can’t recall, are the delightful chocolate creatures moulded and packaged into six-different ‘yowie’ characters.

Just this morning I was invited to join a rather amateur Facebook page called ‘Bring back the Yowie!’

Yowie? Of course! Yowies! Those delightful, colourful, monster-looking creations! With the exact right taste and thickness of the chocolate, and a very tiny toy to assemble waiting in the heart of the hollow candy.

Trish Fields, a spokesperson for Yowie Group, says they are on their way to selling Yowies again soon.

“We are only a few months away from launch in the US market with plans to follow soon after in markets within Asia Pacific – including Australia.”

Looking back at how I used to carefully peel of the vibrant foil wrappers, taking care not to rip them in anyway, slowly rolling the edible character out of its wrapper… Yowies hold a special place in my heart between childhood nostalgia and longing for the perfect chocolate bar.

Visiting the Official Yowie Website it reads:

“The Yowie Premiere Launch Series will comprise 24 playmates of which 18 will be animal replicas and 6 limited-edition Yowie characters.”

A chocolate enthusiast, Jade, explains her excitement at the return of the iconic chocolate.

“Yowies were a significant part of my childhood as a 90’s baby. My family have always been animal enthusiasts so Yowie’s were an amazing treat for us kids as children,’ Jade says.

“Yowies tasted amazing, gave you fun facts about the animals, and satisfied children’s needs for things to play with.

“We were devastated when they were taken off the market.”

With each Yowie Character representing a specific part of Australian nature, and promoting the slogan ‘Save the Natural World’ it’s slightly empowering to think I’ll be supporting the environment while reaching my daily calorie intake.

All the specific details about who will be supplying Yowies, how long we’ll have to wait, and will the population be as over-joyed as I am about their return, are yet to be uncovered.

But I will be waiting patiently, scouting for signs of the brightly foiled candies wherever I go… Until then my fellow Indulgers!


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